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Muscle fatigue can be a crippling problem for people of every age and demographic. Maybe you’re a mom who is weary from chasing after and picking up her children day in and day out. Perhaps you’re a runner who has pushed his body too hard for too many miles. Or maybe you’re a writer who suffers from arthiritis and can barely move your hands after an hour of typing. Whatever the case, the inflammation that causes joints and muscles to burn, tighten, and ache can have a terrible impact upon your life and overall well-being. Anti-inflammatory medications can be quite effective, but they come with a slew of side effects and can be hard on the digestive tract.
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The many health benefits associated with turmeric actually come from the active compound within it that gives turmeric its yellow color. That compound is called curcumin, and it makes up about 5-10% of turmeric.
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A wide variety of studies have shown that curcumin – the bioactive compound found in turmeric – has amazing health benefits. It may reduce the risk of heart attack, delay the onset of diabetes, reduce arthritis pain, and even help prevent and fight cancer.
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