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Packing Tips for Staying Healthy On Your Next Vacation:

Written by Hannah Mladenovich

Finally, the world is slowly opening back up! Vacations and travel planning are already skyrocketing for 2022 as many of us are looking forward to getting out and experiencing the wonders and relaxation we were all so accustomed to pre-pandemic. 

Whether it be family vacations, trips with friends, or a weekend getaway, traveling pre-pandemic became such a comfortable way of life. With so many travel tips, tricks, and hacks–everyone was prepared and ready for their getaway regardless of the time of year, destination, or length. Now, even thinking about packing a bag can seem like a daunting task. 

Regardless of where you are headed this year, we have compiled a simple list for you to reference to ensure that you are ready, packed, and prepared for your destination. 

Helpful Guide to the World of Travel Size: 

Your travel-sized valuables are still a must when you are traveling. However, the days of settling for whatever travel-sized products you can find at your local drugstore are over.PackSimply has hundreds of your household favorite products at an affordable price that you can take with you anywhere. From all-natural and eco-friendly brands, to your globally known favorites–they have you covered. 

Everything comes TSA-approved and select purchases will receive a free, clear toiletry bag which is perfect for storing all of your toiletries together in one place. For those who are interested in taking their current products with them, or cannot find the travel-sized version of their product--they also offertravel-sized refillable containers that are perfect for taking home with you on the go. 

The Power of a Good Snack: 

Taking snacks with you, even if it is just for the plane ride, can help out your time, money, and health. Many of the convenient snacks we are used to eating on the plane, at the resort, or purchasing at the nearest store can certainly taste good, but offer no nutritional value or health benefits. 

Maintaining your healthy lifestyle while traveling is not only possible, but much more common nowadays. Brands likeSupernola are the perfect way to get a healthy, delicious snack that you can take with you anywhere. Packed full ofsuperfoods and within the standard diets of those maintaining a Paleo, Vegan, or Keto diet, these ready-to-eat snacks offer the perfect boost of energy while also fulfilling the cravings. 

Available at many different retailers across the nation, or online to order, this snack is a great option for a healthy and delicious go-to for your plane ride or once you have reached your destination. 

Reminders for Healthy and Glowing Skin:

We often overlook basic skincare necessities due to lack of space or importance compared to other items when we pack; however, bringing along your skincare routine is not as daunting as it might seem. While you may not have the need or want to bring along your whole regime, certain items should definitely not be forgotten. 

Regardless of if you are going on a beach vacation or skiing in the Alps, a broad spectrum, mineral-based sunscreen is something that should always take priority when packing up your regime. Broad-spectrum SPF is important because it ensures that you are receiving both UVA and UVB protection for your skin. Commonchemical based sunscreen formulas found in drugstores are known to absorb into your skin in order to protect; therefore, absorbing all of the chemicals that are in that SPF as well.Mineral-based sunscreen offers the same protection without the added absorption of chemicals. Since mineral-based SPF sits on top of the skin, it acts as a barrier between the sun and your skin working from the surface. 

In addition to your cleansers, moisturizer is also a must from your regime. Changing climates can traumatize your skin to the point of drying out and cracking from the differences in temperatures and moisture levels. Ensuring that you are moisturizing daily, including your lips, can help keep your skin looking and feeling balanced and refreshed. For an organic and hydrating lip balm, check out EcoLips!

Pack for Your Travel Workouts:

It may seem unrealistic to pack up the gym with you when you go; however, fitness is always great for maintaining wellness, keeping your routine, and staying health-focused when you are traveling. Most resorts offer gyms or tracks to help, but sometimes it can be hard to motivate yourself to work out or designate that much time for a workout when on vacation. 

Packing for your mentality can be both easy and beneficial to keep you consistently on your fitness schedule and health-focused when you are on your trip. Something as easy as packing your workout sets in your luggage as a reminder can make a huge difference. One of our favorite brands,Everlane, offers great quality activewear for both men and women while also focusing on sustainability and the environment with their materials, manufacturing, and business practices. Packing two or three sets in your luggage can ensure you are set for the week. 

For those who do not have access to a gym or track when traveling, packing alongresistance bands works as a great alternative to ensure you are still staying active. Perfect size for compact travel, these bands offer easy exercises that can be done in your room before or after your day to help keep you toned, on schedule, and stress-free while away from home. 

Stay Hydrated, Healthy, and Hyped: 

Finding healthy alternatives while on the go can seem like an impossible task, but what if you can bring the healthiness with you? At ZYN, we offer ourDaily Wellness Drink Mix packs which are perfect for your travels. It is TSA-approved size for carry-on convenience as well as easily packable in your suitcase for hydration and replenishment during your trip.

With ZYN, we are focused on delivering ingredients that promote healing hydration, boosted immunity, and rapid recovery that will benefit you both at home and on-the-go. Using Turmeric andPiperine along with 100% of the value of Vitamin C & D and Zinc, you are not only getting your necessary hydration, but also packing your body full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories which these ingredients are known to provide. The natural, healing-powered ingredients used in ZYN, also works to neutralize and even block free radicals from the body. Did we forget to mention? They also taste delicious! 

Grab your favorite flavor, or bring all of them from our popular variety packs for great, healthy healing during your travels. To avoid the overuse of plastic water bottles, shake up your drink mix in astainless steel water bottle for easy and reusable convenience. 

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Your Last Minute Travel Reminders: 

Even though life has seemed to completely flip upside down in the last few years, we can find peace in knowing that we can go back to experiencing the world and all the adventure it brings. As you get ready to plan for your next destination, remember that taking your home lifestyle with you while traveling is not only doable but easier than ever.

As always, don’t forget: 

  • Pack Extras Just-In-Case
  • Download the Airline App 
  • Leave Extra Room in Your Luggage For Souvenirs
  • Double Check That the Garage Door is Closed
  • Make Sure to Bring Your Passport (if you need it)

Wheels up!

Grab yourself aReady-Made Drink or shake it up with aWellness Drink Mix and confidently book your next destination! For more daily tips and tricks, make sure to follow our Instagram account@drinkzyn

Share which healthy packing tip you are most excited to try in the comments below!

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