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Our Cause Partner 2022: Courage. Challenge. Connection.

Written by Maddi D'Angelo

Last year ZYN gave back over 5% of net sales into the community through product and monetary donations. Not only do we aim to help those who support their local and national communities, but also strive to find the organizations that share the same passions as our brand. “When we first met Mike Campbell, founder ofTeam ONE MILE, we loved the vision he had for bringing both military and civilians together combined with an elite athletic event, Race Across America,” said Andrea Khan, Director of Marketing.ZYN is honored to announce our cause partner for 2022 is Team ONE MILE. 

Mike Campbell, started this project because he saw similarities between the struggles of professional athletes and veterans after their careers ended. As someone who has enjoyed keeping his community active and being involved in many athletic and endurance events himself, he wanted to find a way to combine athletic challenges with mental health rehabilitation. 

Mike recognized that the transition from playing a professional sport or serving our country into regular civilian life can be a hard one mentally. He states, “The similarities our veterans and many professional athletes go through with finding purpose later in life is key.” Team ONE MILE has a goal to provide these people with the opportunity to be challenged athletically and work as a team to find and reinstate their purpose. 


As these athletes work to find their purpose and continue to challenge their abilities, it is important to us that they receive the nutrients necessary to properly refuel and perform their best. ZYN has partnered with Team ONE MILE to ensure that they have the means necessary to recover and prepare both mentally and physically. 

ZYN immunity and recovery drinks provide the equivalent of 15 TURMERIC roots in each drink, and contain more than the recommended daily intake of antioxidants, ensuring a strong and healthy immune system.

ZYN Daily Drink Mix bike rider

Extensive research has shown that TURMERIC promotes faster injury, muscle, and fatigue recovery while simultaneously inhibiting inflammation. Research has also demonstrated how TURMERIC has benefited those who deal with depression and other mental illnesses while aiding in overall brain health. 


Over the past few years, the One Mile community has grown to include 800+ military members, retired professional athletes, coaches, civilians, and more. From this community they formed an elite team of athletes and crew members supporting each other and preparing for their biggest athletic challenge of the year, Race Across America. Race Across America, known as the “world's toughest bicycle race,” pushes individuals to the limit with a route stretching from coast to coast. The teammates train all year to prepare to conquer this course, in which they raise money to fund their mission- raising mental health awareness, and helping those in transition find their purpose. 

One Mile Begins RAAM

Here is a look at some of the One Mile Team!

Mike Cambell- the founder of the One Mile Project, with a mission to help veterans and retired athletes with their mental health wellness. Mike has been involved in endurance clubs and running triathlons for 15 years, and has even completed 4 iron mans. Serving his community is his passion and does so by keeping them active. 

Lex Albrecht- a professional cyclist for the Canada National Team, Lex’s accomplishments have taken her all over the world to 4 different continents and has represented Canada in 4 world championships. Lex loves the fun cycling brings to her life and is ready for her newest challenge in the Race Across America.

Cesar Valera- a former professional triathlete, Cesar has done it all from sprint distance runs to cycling. Now he works as a passionate and dedicated coach of endurance athletes and swimmers while dueling as a spinning instructor who teaches certifications and education courses in Latin America and the US. 

Kelly Jones- starting off with her first love, snowboarding, Kelly has grown into a 35-time triathlete. She did not stop there though, as she also has competed in many mountain biking competitions, one of which she won the Florida state championship in the Pro/Elite division. 

Sara McDowell- Iowa-grown air force major and clinical social worker, Sara has always had a knack for team sports. After running her first marathon in her 20s, she was hooked on endurance athletics. With her love of the outdoors and extreme sports, Sara worked hard while remembering positive affirmations and it has since led her to be on top of many prodiums, her life-long dream.

Kari Giles- there is no shortage of high performances from Kari. As the Deputy Director of Operations for the entire Air Georgia National Guard and member of the military COVID response team, she is clearly a high achiever. Not only is she this way professionally, but takes it into her life outside of work as well. She has competed in ITU Standard Distance Duathlon National Championship, 2020 Challenge Daytona Long Course Duathlon where she got her “pro-card,” the Air National Guard and Air Force Marathon, and many more.

Don Davey- 9-year defensive tackle for the Green Bay Packers and Jacksonville Jaguars, Don has traded in his cleats for sneakers and biking shoes. Don has competed in many endurance competitions including full distance Ironman triathlons and even the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii. When he is not competing, he uses his energies toward supporting many foundations such as the Ironman Foundation, NFL’s Player Engagement Program, the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation, and the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund.

IronCowboy- as a multi-Guinness World Record breaker, IronCowboy, also known as James, is always pushing his limits. One of his most notable accomplishments was completing 50 Ironmans in 50 days in 50 states. He did not stop there however, and has since competed in Xtreme Triathlons, the Xtri World Championship, and the World’s Toughest Race. This past year, James put himself to the ultimate test with - Conquer the 100, which is racing a full distance triathlon for 100 consecutive days. 

The ONE MILE mission is centered around courage, challenge, and connection. To further support their mission and become involved, check out their website or visit their Instagram page @weareonemile to learn more!

Be sure to stay tuned to their journey as they participate in Race Across America, June 18th!

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