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9 Reasons to Drink ZYN

ZYN's new Daily Wellness Drink Mix and our Ready-Made Drinks give you Turmeric in a way your body can actually use it - with Piperine from black pepper that adds a hint of mild spice and plays sidekick to the CURCUMIN. 

It’s the daily get-up-and-go refresher that can help you battle inflammation and muscle fatigue while boosting your immune system and providing healing hydration. 

We’re all about transparency, so here’s a look at what’s inside every serving of ZYN and why you will want to add it to your daily routine. Nourish every day with ZYN!


1. Up to 15 Turmeric Roots Worth of CURCUMIN

We're serious about providing you a generous dose of the good stuff. Get 200 mg of CURCUMIN in every serving. Learn moreabout the many potential health benefits of CURCUMIN.



CURCUMIN, paired with PIPERINE from Black Pepper, increases absorption, so we've blended them to give you better results. While CURCUMIN itself provides numerous health benefits, it is poorly absorbed in the bloodstream when consumed alone. This means even with your best intentions to consume it on a regular basis, you could be missing out on a lot of its important health benefits. 

 suggests that PIPERINE may enhance the absorption of CURCUMIN by up to 2,000%! This may be due to the fact that PIPERINE allows you to more easily digest CURCUMIN and absorb it directly into your bloodstream. Read more.

Vitamin Fortified

3. Vitamin Fortified

35% of adults in the United States are Vitamin D deficient.That’s over a third of our population! And since sun exposure helps our bodies synthesize Vitamin D, there’s increased risk when people live, work, and primarily spend time indoors, as well as in regions further from the equator, and during winter months when there is less sunlight. 

The great news is that each serving of ZYN is fortified with Vitamins C & D. It’s the perfect, effortless way to boost your daily essential Vitamin intake. 


None of the Nasties

4. None of the Nasties

ZYN is made from simple, clean ingredients. Our drinks are a source of plant-based nutrition, WITHOUT any artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavors or colors. 

Committed to Sustainability

5. Committed to Sustainability

We have sourced our ingredients from farmers and partners that are socially responsible. Our main ingredient, CURCUMIN, comes from farms that are run on Solar Power energy, thus reducing the carbon foot printing and contributing to a better earth….the Root of What Matters.


6. Good for our Bodies, Good for the World

We're a Certified B Corp, which means we prioritize People, Planet, and Purpose over Profits. Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of independently verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. ZYN is 1 of only 191 B-Corps in the Food & Beverage Industry in the United States.


NON GMO Project Verified

7. Non-GMO Project Verified

All the CURCUMIN in ZYN comes from Turmeric that is Non-GMO Project Verified. It’s important to us that our ingredients meet the highest international quality standards. See the feature on our founders on the Living non-GMO blog.


Kid Tested, Mother Approved

8. Kid Tested, Mother Approved

All ZYN products come in great-tasting, refreshing flavors. Don't just take it from us - a recent review from a loyal customer stated "My favorite drink!  My wife found this drink at our local supermarket, and now we’re hooked! I don’t drink ZYN for the health benefits, I drink It because it tastes amazing. There is no other drink like this on the planet. My kids love it too!!'.


Eat This, Not That!

9. Featured in Eat This, Not That! as one of 6 Best New Drinks to Try for Mind and Body Benefits

Experts list ZYN Immunity & Recovery Drinks as a top functional beverage that may support immunity, mood, and productivity.



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