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3 Types of Girls’ Trips For Your Next Getaway:


Written by Hannah Mladenovich

Finding time to relax can seem like an impossible task. Between work, kids, events, and family–there just never seems to be enough time in the day. We all need some space and alone time without the kids, significant other, and the pets. Getting together with your gals is not only a fun time–it’s therapy. 

Girls’ trips are a great way to get together with your mom friends, your college friends, or your other besties who you would otherwise have a hard time getting together with due to crazy schedules. However, the question always comes down to, where should you go and what should you do?Not every girls’ trip has to be “that kind” of girls trip…although it definitely can be! For those looking for a different kind of getaway though, we have you covered. 


1.) Girls’ Trip For a Cause: 

Supporting others is always a great option, but to do it with your friends? Even better! It not only feels good to give back, but it also allows you and your gals to get involved and explore various opportunities across the nation and world. 

Project Athena offers four trips each year to get involved with. Their mission is to help Athena and Zeus survivors who have experienced a medical or traumatic setback find joy and fulfillment in adventure again. Each trip cost will serve as a donation to Project Athena and will include the standard trip amenities such as food, hotels, equipment, etc. depending on the type of adventure. 

This kind of girls’ trip will allow you and your friends to get active, engage in some amazing conversations, and give back to the community while becoming a part of a new community. In case you are looking to plan a trip in the near future, Project Athena will be doing a “Rim-to-Rim(To-Rim?)” hike of theGrand Canyon! This adventure will start on the South Rim and will include a 24-mile hike up to the North Rim. For those interested in keeping the fun going, there will be another opportunity the following day to take a unique hike back down to the South Rim. For additional adventure options, check out theirupcoming trips

2.) Girls’ Trip For a Break: 

Some of the best girls’ trips are the ones with no rules, agendas, or plans. We all have enough going on, so worrying about getting to an event on time, being late to an appointment, or ensuring you have all the right necessities packed, can get unbelievably stressful. We all deserve a trip where as long as you made it to the destination, it is considered a success! The rest can be figured out along the way. 

When you have a great place to stay, there is no need to go out! Airbnb house rentals are a great way to sit around in your pajamas and catch up for hours on end with no outside interruptions. We took the liberty of recommending some of our personal favorites. 

Phoenix, Arizona–If you are interested in Phoenix, you must check out thisModern meets Spanish Style house. It comfortably fits four people and also includes a guest house for larger groups. It offers a comfortable open-concept for ultimate relaxation. Chill out on the patio, enjoy a glass of wine by the fire, or dip your toes in the pool–regardless of what you decide, this place is an oasis that you can stay at the entire time without leaving. 

Palm Springs, California– Need a vacation by the beach?The Sunny Oasis comfortably houses six people, comes with a private pool and a hot tub, and has a beautiful modern-style feel. Enjoy the beautiful California weather and dip your toes in the water without the public around! 

Lackawaxen, Pennsylvania–For those looking for an outdoors meets relaxation experience, theTree Top Chalet is your perfect destination. With gorgeous valley views, tree-covered privacy, and the best parts of nature, this house will surely bring the peace to you. Enjoy coffee out on the deck and enjoy comfort in this modern-day cabin styled house! There is even a hammock to lie and read in. 

The best part about these kinds of trips is that you can go wherever your heart desires! Enjoy the luxury of doing absolutely nothing. Read a book, take a nap, chat with your gals, go on a shopping spree–whatever you need to refresh and revitalize yourself! 

3.) Girls’ Trips For Deep Relaxation: 

You and your besties definitely deserve this one. A week full of pampering yourself.GYPSET Yoga Retreats takes fitness and yoga to a whole new level. With retreats taking place multiple times a year and all over the world–every trip is entirely unique to its own. Interested in going toSouthern France,Hawaii,Portugal, orPanama? GYPSET has a destination and a much needed retreat for you! 

Depending on where you and your gals are headed, your schedule will vary. You will of course have the essence of mindfulness, deep relaxation, and connection–but you will also have time to go out, explore, and take part in fun excursions. Each trip will take place at their specialty resorts and will include daily meditation, yogic rituals while being surrounded by the elements of nature. 

Making the Most Out of Your Girls’ Trip: 

You deserve this break, and what better way to do so than with your gals? Regardless of if you choose to do nothing or hike 50-miles up the Grand Canyon, the best way to enjoy this break is to get the conversation started! 

Invite your friends over for brunch, grab a Ready-Made Drink, and figure out where you are heading next! Some of the best ways to narrow down a decision is finding out what each of you needs from this trip. Is it peace and quiet? A fun time? Something different? 

Here at ZYN, we understand your need for a getaway, we are there ourselves! As the world continues to open up, so do the possibilities! 

Share with us below what kind of girls’ trip you and your friends are going on! For more fun updates and ideas, follow us on Instagram@drinkzyn!  

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