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ZYN offers solutions for living a healthy lifestyle. Research shows CURCUMIN (the bioactive, superstar compound from Turmeric) has anti-inflammatory properties and is a powerful antioxidant. Our products extract the healing power of CURCUMIN and blend it perfectly with Piperine for optimal absorption by the body.

Whether you prefer the convenience of a powder drink mix for an instant beverage on-the-go OR a ready-to-drink can, ZYN wellness drinks have you covered! Both products offer the same great-tasting formula with four distinct, refreshing flavors that harness the power of CURCUMIN and are low in sugar and calories!


Our journey started with a guiding principle to be a Force for Good. From the way we interact with our customers, suppliers and employees, to the way we engage with the community and our families, and to how we treat the environment, doing Good is ingrained in everything we do. We believe that simplicity is at the heart of good living. In our society’s endless search for greater innovation, we often forget that nature provides endless bounty. The simple goodness of natural ingredients, ancient remedies, and authentic connection go untapped and overlooked. In everything we do at ZYN, we strive to keep our focus on the good, the simple, and the positive. We hope that our products reflect our beliefs and bring harmonizing benefits and holistic wellness for everyone to enjoy!

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