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Summer Events to Attend in 2022:

Written by Emily Miller 

Got any plans this summer? We do, and we would love for you to join us! The summer season is a great time to get out and enjoy the weather, events, and all of the experiences that come with it! Here at ZYN, we have spent much of our winter months planning, prepping, and scheduling our summer events to ensure you are hydrated, replenished, recovered, and refueled for whatever adventures you take on this season. 

Interested in seeing the latest and greatest gear for your upcoming running season? How about spectating a 2-day long bike ride from Seattle to Portland? We don’t stop there…we have plenty of events in store for you this summer and we look forward to seeing you there! 


Chicago Run Show:

In the beginning of summer, you can find us participating atThe Chicago Run Show on June 4 and June 5, Booth H24, at the Chicago DES Convention Center. We are so excited to be a part of an event that showcases the latest running gear, upcoming races, and nutritional products to the community. During this event, you will also receive exclusive access to the latest tips and tricks from some of the top motivational speakers in the country. 

Interested in trying something new? The Chicago Run Show event is open to athletes of all backgrounds, abilities, and experience levels. If you are looking to take your first jog ever or compete in your third marathon–visit us out at The Run Show in early June to up your running game! 

Race Across America with ONE MILE:

What if we told you that a group of cyclists were biking across America? Well, we would not be lying! Our 2022 Cause Partner,Team ONE MILE will be biking across 12 different states, 3,000 miles, to help fundraise and support veterans, first responders, and their families overcome the mental hurdles associated with transitioning into everyday life. ONE MILE utilizes the power of unity as well as self-motivation to help take on this intense journey. As our 2022 Cause Partner, ZYN will be providing the necessary hydration and recovery needed for these athletes and their families. Join us along the coast to coast ride, ONE MILE might be biking through your town! To follow ONE MILE along on their journey, follow them on Instagram@weareonemile.

Learn More: Our Cause Partner 2022: Courage. Challenge. Connection. 


Kaiser Permanente Seattle to Portland Presented by Alaska Airlines Ride:

Would you ever bike from Seattle to Portland in the heat of mid-July?! Some athletes are brave enough to take on this challenge and we are looking forward to being a part of the action. We are the Official Hydration Sponsor of theKaiser Permanente Seattle to Portland Cascade Bicycle Club bike race taking place from July 16 through July 17. This 200+ mile bike ride will start in western Washington, continue through southern Seattle, and will end in Portland, Oregon. During this two-day event, over 5,000 of the nation’s most elite riders will cycle across two states with little to no rest or stops along the way. You will not want to miss this awesome experience! 

Zone3 USA TRIATHLON Youth & Junior Nationals:

The sky's the limit for these extremely talented junior athletes! From July 30 through July 31, the top 1,000 junior athletes aged 7-19 will be competing in their divisions at theZone3 USA TRIATHLON Youth & Junior Nationals. Taking place at Voice of America Park in West Chester, Ohio ZYN will be providing necessary hydration and recovery as the Official Hydration Tent for both the athletes and their families and friends! Watch as the future elite compete in swim meets, cycle rides, and races for record-breaking times and top-ranking placements! 


USA Triathlon National Championship:

Summer may be coming to a close, but the heat will definitely still be on! Join us at theUSA Triathlon National Championship taking place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin during August 6 through August 7. We will be providing healing hydration and recovery to both the athletes and the spectators to enjoy both during and after the event! This triathlon will include olympic-distance running, swimming, and biking, as well as distance sprinting. The best triathletes in the nation will be competing, and you have the opportunity to experience the action first-hand. Join us as a spectator along Lake Michigan and witness the bikers ride across the Hoan Bridge! 

Post-Summer Fun:

Chicago Marathon & Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon: 

The fun doesn’t stop there! For those interested in keeping up with the summer fun, we will be continuing our events into the fall as well. Join us at theMilwaukee Lakefront Marathon on October 2, and theChicago Marathon on October 9. We will be providing hydration and recovery for both the runners and the spectators! You won’t want to miss the nation’s top running athletes competing for record times during these national events! 

How to Get Involved: 

Regardless of how you are choosing to spend your summer, attending events is a great way to get out and connect with like-minded people! If you are passionate about a cause, join us at Race Across America with ONE MILE! Interested in witnessing a bike ride over the Milwaukee Hoan Bridge? Visit us at the USA Triathlon National Championship! 

You won’t want to miss some of the nation’s top events taking place this summer! Many of these exclusive opportunities are happening for the first time ever, and others are for the first time since pre-COVID. Join us for some great entertainment and some necessary extra hydration! To keep up with where we will be, follow us on Instagram@drinkzyn. We look forward to seeing you there!

What events will you be attending this summer? Comment below! 

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