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Our B Corp Mission: Furthering our Sustainability Efforts

Written by Hannah Mladenovich

As a certified B Corp, it is our mission to prioritize people, planet, and purpose over profits. Throughout our company lifespan, we have taken this role into serious consideration in every decision we have made. It matters to us how our business decisions affect the world around us. It is not only our passion, but our mission to give back as much as we can for the betterment of others. 

As we continue to grow and expand our companywe are always looking for more opportunities to improve and contribute to our B Corp mission. This includes bettering our sustainability efforts. 

Aluminum Cans vs. Plastic Bottles: 

One of our most recent decisions was to transition our Ready-Made Drinks from single-use plastic to aluminum cans. Why was this an important decision? Well, for starters, it helps further reduce the amount of plastic that is produced. However, there are many more amazing qualities of aluminum that solidified our decision to transition out of plastic bottles. 

The Benefit of Aluminum Cans:

Aluminum cans are the mostsustainable packaging option currently available. When looking at the recyclability comparison between aluminum cans and plastic bottles–over 50% of cans are recycled compared to just 10% of plastic bottles. Once cans are produced, they can be recycled over and over again, unlike their single-use plastic counterparts. 

Aluminum cans are also proven better for the environment in reducing global warming impacts. Aluminum cans require less energy needed for production and zero reliance on fossil fuels. They are proven environmentally more sustainable and reliable compared to both plastic and glass bottles.Studies show that cans also have the least amount of impact on major environmental issues such asacid rain andoxygen-free zones in the ocean. Glass and plastic production both require a lot of electricity which increases the sulfur dioxide pollution which is the leading cause of acid rain. Additionally, the materials extracted during the production of glass and bottles also release more phosphates into the environment which further overloads and harms rivers and coastal seas and depletes oxygen from the water. 

Reducing our Carbon Footprint:

We are always eager to send you your ZYN! Now, we can have both excitement and peace of mind as aluminum cans also help reduce our carbon footprint. Our new transition now features tall, slim aluminum cans which are lighter in weight, take up less space, and require less packaging. This further supports our efforts to reduce emissions when we are shipping your product. 

Additionally,studies show that recycling just one aluminum can save 98.7 grams of CO2. This means that recycling a 12-pack of aluminum cans can save enough energy to power a standard passenger car for up to three miles. Once an aluminum can has been produced, it can be recycled infinitely with no loss of quality. 

More About Our B Corp Efforts:

Transitioning to aluminum cans has been a huge leap for us in continuing our efforts to further our sustainability. However, we continue to live through our B Corp mission everyday through our devotion in providing clean, healthy products sourced from socially responsible outlets. 

The ingredients found in ZYN are from farmers and partners that are socially responsible and focused on sustainability. Our core ingredient, CURCUMIN (from turmeric), comes from farms that are community based and run on Solar Power energy, thus reducing the carbon footprint.

We use all-natural ingredients in our products that do NOT contain gluten,soy, dairy, added preservatives, artificial sweeteners, or added colors or flavors. 

Read More: What We are Made Of: An Inside Look at Our Clean Ingredients

3 Easy Ways You Can Incorporate Sustainability Into Your Life: 

There are little things we can do as a society to help us move toward a more sustainable planet. Incorporating or continuing these practices can further aid in the health and safety for both our generation and those to come. 

  1. Use Reusable Bags: To further reduce the amount of plastic in use, shopping with reusable bags is a great way to be sustainable. Avoid using paper or plastic bags while shopping, and depend on a stylish reusable tote to carry your purchases! 
  2. Wash With Cold Water: 90% of the energy expended from your washing machine is used to heat the water. Washing cold is not only good for your garments, but also for the environment! Reduce your carbon footprint and wash cold! 
  3. Shop Local: Not only do large corporations contribute to many of the global warming issues for their production and shipping, they also expend even more energy and resources to source their materials! Shopping local not only saves you gas and money, but it also further helps the environment since many local businesses get their materials local as well. Additionally, reusing and recycling clothing, furniture, and the like through thrift and vintage stores helps to recycle materials and avoid high pollution and emissions damage from distribution centers. 

Implementing little things daily will help us move forward as a society. Even something as simple as checking to see if something is recyclable can make all the difference. As a brand, it matters to us to leave a better world for the next generations to come. If we continue to work together as a community, we can change the world. 

“We are really excited for this transition from plastic to aluminum and furthering our efforts to help provide a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly packaging for our Ready-Made drinks.Our B Corp foundation is what drives our decision making and making sure that our planet is safe is a key part of that foundation. The more we can do to continue on this path, the better.” –Brothers, Co-Founders  Asim & Qasim. 

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