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A Professional Triathlete and PT’s 3 go to stretches for Recovery

As the weather gets warmer, it’s likely that you’ll be spending more time outside. Whether you’re returning from a run or preparing for morning yoga, stretching is a beneficial way to recover your muscles, decrease your risk of injuries, and increase your blood flow. Professional triathlete and physical therapist, Annamarie Strehlow, offers a sampling of her favorite stretches. 

  • Runner’s Lunge 
  • Start by lowering yourself onto one knee. Your other leg should be in front of you, bent at a right angle. Then, put both of your hands flat on the ground next to your front foot. Moving from your front hip, slowly shift your front leg forward. This should stretch your hips, hip flexors, and hamstrings. Repeat this movement 12 times per leg. 

  • Runner’s Lunge Part 2 
  • The next stretch builds onto the previous stretch. Start In the same position as the Runner’s Lunge. Then, move your hips back and bring your head down. This should also help stretch your hamstrings and your back. Repeat this movement 12 times per leg. 

  • Downward Dog 
  • In this stretch, you’ll press your hands flat on the ground and lift your hips up. You should look like an upside-down “V”. Make sure your head is relaxed down between your arms. To get a deeper stretch, you can peddle your knees or walk your legs closer to your arms. This should stretch your back, hamstrings, calves, and Achilles tendon. Anna Marie Strehlow recommends doing this for 1-2 minutes. 

    In addition to stretching, turmeric, found in ZYN, can accelerate recovery because of its natural anti-inflammatory properties. For an extra boost of recovery, our drink mix features electrolytes, which are beneficial for increasing your hydration levels. A mix of ZYN and Annamarie Strehlow’s stretches can help YOU get ready to dominate your next triathlon, yoga session or whatever workout adventure is calling. 

    Annamarie Strehlow’s full video can be found on our YouTube channel, linked here:Drink ZYN.


    Written by: Ella Callender

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