ZYN Drink Variety - 12 pack
ZYN Drink Variety - 12 pack

ZYN Drink Variety - 12 pack


Want the easiest way to stock up on your favorite thirst quenchers? Order a case of 12 bottles of flavor-packed ZYN. 

With a variety pack, you can enjoy the tangy spice of Lemon Ginger. Indulge in the tartness of Pomegranate Cranberry. Or head straight for the tropics with a bottle of Mango Lychee in your hand. 

Why wait? Order a variety of Turmeric-packed drinks that help you to feel amaZYN!

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How can CURCUMIN benefit you on a daily basis?

Immunity Boost





ZYN Variety Pack

Healthier Hydration for your Immune System

The secret to ZYN’s popularity isn’t really a secret at all. It’s our proprietary blend of mouthwatering flavors combined with CURCUMIN, Turmeric’s powerful active ingredient.

Hundreds of research studies have shown a potential link between CURCUMIN and improved immunity, reduced inflammation and faster injury recovery. To help you absorb the 200 milligrams of CURCUMIN in every bottle of ZYN, we’ve also included Piperine in our recipe. Piperine comes from black pepper, and it helps your body absorb CURCUMIN more completely.

Looking for more health benefits? ZYN is low in sugar and calories and fortified with Vitamins C and D that your immune system craves. But really, all you’ll know is that you’re sipping one of the tastiest beverages on the market!

Give Your Taste Buds Refreshing Variety

Carry ZYN wherever you go and fuel up without filling up thanks to a low-calorie count. Toss a ZYN in the car for those long road trips. Bring a ZYN with you to the gym for immunity and recovery. Take a ZYN to the park. You get the idea.

Shake well, drink deeply and repeat. It’s the three-step process that’ll help you stay on top of your healthier living goals in the most satisfying way possible.

Buy a ZYN variety pack today! Hearing about the great results you're getting with ZYN is what fuels our passion to keep growing. Please help us out by sharing a review!

ZYN Variety Pack

Good health is a continuous journey. 
Here's how ZYN helps with yours!


Up to 15 Turmeric Roots Worth of CURCUMIN

We're serious about providing you a generous dose of the good stuff. Get 200mg of CURCUMIN in every bottle.


CURCUMIN's Side-Kick

We’ve blended CURCUMIN with PIPERINE (from Black Pepper) to increase absorption.


Fortified with Vitamins C & D to boost your immune system. 

Commited to

We source our Turmeric and
Black Pepper from solar-powered, community-based farms in India’s fertile valley.



Our journey started with a guiding principle to be a Force for Good. From the way we interact with our customers, suppliers and employees, to the way we engage with the community and our families, and to how we treat the environment, doing Good is ingrained in everything we do. We believe that simplicity is at the heart of good living. In our society’s endless search for greater innovation, we often forget that nature provides endless bounty. The simple goodness of natural ingredients, ancient remedies, and authentic connection go untapped and overlooked. In everything we do at ZYN, we strive to keep our focus on the good, the simple, and the positive. We hope that our products reflect our beliefs and bring harmonizing benefits and holistic wellness for everyone to enjoy!

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