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Blackberry Dragon Fruit Daily Wellness Drink Mix

Size: 20 pack

We pair the mild flavor of dragon fruit with the tart and juicy vibe of blackberries for an unexpected flavor friendship that’s perfect for your sweat sessions or everyday hydration. Say goodbye to artificial flavors and colors, and high sugar with our Healing Hydration blend that supports your active lifestyle - and gives you the added benefit of Turmeric, Electrolytes and Vitamins C & D, and Zinc. 

Why Turmeric?

More than a spice, turmeric is known for its rapid recovery property which helps to reduce muscle soreness and exhaustion so you can get back out there faster. As an added bonus, turmeric is known to boost immunity, support gut health, and contribute to healing hydration - all superpowers you need for an active lifestyle! 

How can TURMERIC benefit you on a daily basis?


ZYN Stick Packs?

Are you looking for a great-tasting drink mix with active ingredients that may promote good health? ZYN Blackberry Dragon Fruit Stick Packs contain vitamins and active ingredients that help with fighting inflammation, promoting recovery and boosting immunity. Besides their unique flavors, ZYN Stick Packs have the same formula as our ready-made drinks. Each stick contains as much CURCUMIN and Piperine, which improve absorption, as 15 Turmeric roots.. 

How Do ZYN Electrolyte Powders Benefit You?

Blackberry Dragon Fruit Stick Pack drink mixes taste amazing and contain 100% of your daily value for vitamins C, D, and zinc, along with added electrolytes. Additionally, ZYN Stick Packs have no artificial sweeteners, ingredients, flavorings or preservatives. Enjoy the refreshing tastes of blackberry and dragon fruit while maintaining a focus on health and all-natural ingredients. Mix one Blackberry Dragon Fruit hydration drink mix with 16-20 ounces of water to enjoy your blackberry electrolyte powder.

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