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Turmeric Electrolyte Drink Mix
Variety Pack

Count: 20 pack
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You need to drink water to stay hydrated, so why not supercharge your H2O with the power of Turmeric and vitamins? With ZYN Stick Packs from ZYN, enjoy a delicious drink with Piperine, CURCUMIN (from Turmeric), electrolytes and 100% of the recommended daily values of vitamins C, D and zinc. You can carry this hydration drink mix to get the vitamins you need on the go.

Why Drink a Boost of CURCUMIN (from Turmeric)?

Each ZYN Stick Pack contains the equivalent of 15 Turmeric roots worth of CURCUMIN, along with Piperine from black pepper extract to boost the body's absorption of CURCUMIN.

Curious about this ingredient? CURCUMIN (from Turmeric) is a powerful anti-inflammatory compound and excellent antioxidant, which studies have found can neutralize or even block free radicals. Research has further linked CURCUMIN to brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which promotes neuron life and is associated with good memory and brain function. Early studies have suggested CURCUMIN may have a potentially beneficial effect on reducing the risk of heart disease, cancer and other serious diseases.

While eating Turmeric provides some CURCUMIN, it may not be enough to reap all the benefits. With ZYN Stick Packs, a boost of CURCUMIN can be as close as your water bottle.

Choose the Right Electrolyte Drink Mix

We pack our ZYN variety drink mixes with goodness —  and none of the stuff you don't want. You won't find artificial sweeteners, flavors, ingredients or preservatives in ZYN Stick Packs. Our all-natural, non-GMO mixes are made in the United States. At ZYN, we're a family company serious about holistic health. As a certified B Corporation, we're always looking for ways to improve our impact on the planet and the health of our communities.

Quench your thirst after a workout or on the go with ZYN Stick Packs.

Ever wondered about Turmeric vs Curcumin? You're not the only one! Find out moreHERE>

How can TURMERIC benefit you on a daily basis?


Give Your Immune System Something to Smile About

The new ZYN Daily Wellness Drink Mixesare an on-the-go solution for a variety of wellness benefits: rapid recovery from workouts, gut health, hydration as well as an immunity boost (something we could all use these days).

Just like its ready-made bottled counterparts, the powder packs offer the same great-tasting formula that harnesses the power of curcumin. Add water and mix to refuel, rehydrate, repair, and recharge. 

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