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Health and Wellness Care Packages for your College Student

Written by: Maddie D'Angelo

With the school year under way, college students are back, and classes are in full swing! Maintaining overall wellness can be put to the side when dealing with the new responsibilities of moving away from home, tackling their studies, and getting involved in their new campus community- and that is where you come in! 

With college students always on the go, they need quick and easy resources that will keep them moving, and tailored to them- why not a health and wellness care package? By adding ZYN to your on-the-go student wellness pack, your favorite college student can keep up with their crazy and exciting schedules while staying healthy with yummy and nutritious drinks and snacks and helpful supplies to give them that on-the-go “glow!”


We know we DO our best when we FEEL our best, and that is exactly what the on-the-go package will help your college student do! The ticket to integrating wellness into their bustling lifestyle is delivered right to their doorstep and is a great way to surprise them to let them know you are thinking of them.


Now what exactly is this “glow?”


ZYN products contain all-natural Non-GMO products, most notably TURMERIC, vitamins, and electrolytes which come together to work their magic to give the brain and body that extra boost. Some KEY benefits that come from adding Turmeric found in ZYN drinks into the daily routine are:

  • Improving and supporting immune system function
  • Improve digestion and overall gut-health
  • Help with sleep
  • Faster muscle recovery after working out
  • Hydration
  • Inhibits inflammation 


Oh yeah- and this is just the start!  All the health benefits in one packet paired with deliciously hearty snacks and supplies for the backpack will help your college student excel further and easier (they can thank you later). Unsure of what to add? 

We've got you covered with a fewadditional ideas. Feel free to use these suggestions or like products. They are all sustainable, healthy, and natural products that your student is sure to enjoy!

Ultimate Immunity Boosting College Care Package Ideas

ZYN Daily Wellness Drink Mix: Supercharge your water with flavor and natural immune boosters for an on the go drink that will keep your student hydrated and energized.

Rebel Green Eco-Friendly Products: Natural smelling hand sanitizer and room sprays that help alleviate stress and protect against the current pandemic. 

Wisdom Supply Co.: Zero waste school supplies such as pencils, planners, pencil holders, and erasers for your student’s academic needs.

Hippie Snacks: Easy, travelable organic snacks that are great for any study session. 

Peeled Snacks: Healthy, on-the-go dried fruit snacks.

LARQ Reusable Water Bottle: BPA-free insulated water bottles that remove 99% of bacteria and viruses (keeps bottle nice and fresh between washes!) 

Your college care package will fuel the body with its natural remedies and ingredients and fill the heart in knowing someone special is thinking of them. Treat your college student with a surprise that cares for the whole person, because you cherish the whole person!


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