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ZYN Immunity & Recovery Drink - Lemon Ginger
ZYN Immunity & Recovery Drink - Lemon Ginger
ZYN Immunity & Recovery Drink - Lemon Ginger
Lemon Ginger ZYN Drink - 12 Pack
ZYN Lemon Ginger - nutrition panel
Lemon Ginger ZYN Drink - 12 Pack

Lemon Ginger ZYN Drink - 12 Pack


12 Pack Case 

Lemon doesn't generally take a backseat to any other ingredient. But this fruit is more than willing to share the limelight — or lemonlight — with snappy, sassy ginger. Lemon and ginger stand out as taste-tempting partners in one of our most popular ZYN refreshers.

Order a case of 12 Lemon Ginger Turmeric drinks from our ZYN store today. While you’re browsing, be sure to check out all the other tantalizing ZYN mixtures. We make it possible for you to maintain a healthier lifestyle without compromising great taste or nutritional balance.

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How can CURCUMIN benefit you on a daily basis?

Immunity Boost





Lemon Ginger ZYN

Build up Your Immunity Stores With Help From Turmeric

What’s all the Turmeric buzz about? This member of the familiar ginger root has a lot to offer. Over 40,000 research studies support Turmeric’s potential as a way to reduce inflammation, enhance recovery and support immunity.

The secret lies in Turmeric’s key ingredient, which is CURCUMIN. At ZYN, we pack every bottle of our Turmeric drinks with no less than 200 milligrams of CURCUMIN. That’s about the equivalent of 15 Turmeric roots. To help your body better absorb the CURCUMIN, we also add Piperine, which is what gives black pepper its signature spiciness.

To top off the potential health benefits and overall flavor profile of Lemon Ginger ZYN, we’ve left out the added sugars you'll find in other beverages while fortifying our proprietary recipe with extra vitamins C and D. The result is a recovery drink that will dazzle your taste buds from the first sip to the last.

Energize Your Taste Buds and Be AmaZYN

On-the-go thirst quenchers should play a role in healthy modern living. Instead of relying on chemically laden beverages that may contain unwanted ingredients, trust in a more natural option.

Buy a 12-pack of Lemon Ginger ZYN and keep the refreshment flowing. Be sure to shake up your ZYN well to combine the Turmeric.

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Lemon Ginger ZYN

Good health is a continuous journey. 
Here's how ZYN helps with yours!


Up to 15 Turmeric Roots Worth of CURCUMIN

We're serious about providing you a generous dose of the good stuff. Get 200mg of CURCUMIN in every bottle.


CURCUMIN's Side-Kick

We’ve blended CURCUMIN with PIPERINE (from Black Pepper) to increase absorption.


Fortified with Vitamins C & D to boost your immune system.

Commited to

We source our Turmeric and
Black Pepper from solar-powered, community-based farms in India’s fertile valley.



Our journey started with a guiding principle to be a Force for Good. From the way we interact with our customers, suppliers and employees, to the way we engage with the community and our families, and to how we treat the environment, doing Good is ingrained in everything we do. We believe that simplicity is at the heart of good living. In our society’s endless search for greater innovation, we often forget that nature provides endless bounty. The simple goodness of natural ingredients, ancient remedies, and authentic connection go untapped and overlooked. In everything we do at ZYN, we strive to keep our focus on the good, the simple, and the positive. We hope that our products reflect our beliefs and bring harmonizing benefits and holistic wellness for everyone to enjoy!

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