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Brand new 100%. Warranty 12 months, 1 for 1 exchange 1

Get the Turmeric beverage that exploded cooler sales in 2020

ZYN CURCUMIN (from Turmeric) Infused Beverages offer consumers a truly innovative, delicious way to boost immunity and recovery. Turmeric is skyrocketing in popularity as a natural source of health and wellness.

At ZYN, we are all about transparency. Here's a look at what is exactly in each bottle.


CURCUMIN, paired with PIPERINE from Black Pepper, increases absorption, so we've blended them to give you better results.

Vitamin Fortified

Each bottle of ZYN provides 120% of the recommended daily dose of Vitamin C and 50% of the recommended daily dose of Vitamin D.

Good for our Bodies, Good for the World

We're a Certified B Corp, which means we’re held accountable for serving People, Planet, and Purpose over Profits.

Committed to Sustainability

We source our CURCUMIN from farms run on solar energy. Our Black Pepper for the PIPERINE is also grown on sustainable farms.

Learn More About ZYN!

We welcome the opportunity to discuss deals for your store. Contact us today to learn how ZYN could help to boost your cooler sales.

Per IRI data on refrigerated beverages 11 – 17 oz:

Echo Dot won the trust of many customers nationwide

ZYN grew over 300%

in a well-known Northeast retailer over 52 weeks

ZYN is #1 or #2 contributor to growth

of the beverage cooler at a Northeast/Mid-Atlantic retailer

What Shoppers are Saying about ZYN

I have bought ZYN Curcumin from Turmeric Drinks locally since they have been on the market. Love all flavors, especially the Mixed Berry. These drinks are not only healthy, but the taste is awesome and refreshing! l always try to keep refrigerator stocked with several bottles and offer them to visitors, who also enjoy them. Thank you SUR Natural Health Brands, LLC for this excellent healthy product!

Jean D.


Delicious refreshing drink that makes you feel great and you know is good for you!!

Kari K.


This is the best drink ever. Healthy, not a bunch of sugar. Only 10 calories!

Tanya P.


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