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ZYN Daily Wellness Drink Mix (8 Pack)

ZYN Daily Wellness Boost

Packed with the power of electrolytes, Turmeric, and 100% of your daily values of Vitamin C & D, and Zinc, ZYN Stick Packs use all-natural ingredients to better support your overall wellness. 

ZYN Daily Wellness Drink Mixes offer an on-the-go solution for a variety of wellness benefits: hydration, rapid recovery from workouts, gut health, as well as an immunity boost.

With a ZYN Daily Wellness drink mix sample pack, you can try all of our unique flavors including Blackberry Dragon Fruit, Strawberry Yuzu, Passion Fruit Lemonade and Mango Pomegranate. ZYN drink mix is an easy way to supercharge your water with benefits.


Why Turmeric?

ZYN Stick Packs are a hydration drink mix containing the equivalent of up to 15 Turmeric roots. Turmeric has been used for over 5,000 years and serves as an organic anti-inflammatory compound used in ayurvedic medicine and remedies in India.

Today, Turmeric is commonly used to improve and accelerate muscle recovery and fatiguethroughout the fitness community.Decades of scientific and medicinalresearchhave proven that Curcumin, the bioactive ingredient in Turmeric, has contributed to healing numerous physical and mental health conditions. 

We don’t mean to get sciencey (is that a word?) on you, but Curcumin from Turmeric is the real superpower behind it all, and we have 200 mg of it in every ZYN. To help increase absorption and the healing effects it has on your body, ZYN blends the Curcumin with Piperine (black pepper). For more information about the difference between Curcumin and Turmeric,Learn More


Purchase a ZYN electrolyte mix today to start drinking water with some pretty sweet (and spicy) benefits. 


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