The Root of What Matters™: Sarah Addeo

    The Root of What Matters™: Sarah Addeo

    The Root of What Matters™: Sarah Addeo 250 375 Drink ZYN

    The Root of What Matters

    With Sarah Addeo of Addeo Fitness

    Today, we talk to Sarah Addeo of Addeo Fitness in Milwaukee.  She’s a fitness rock star and owner of an innovative fitness facility in our home town. Enjoy.  And, learn more about Addeo Fitness here:

    ZYN:  Give us, if you can, the 3-minute Sarah Addeo story, please?

    Sarah Addeo:  My fitness career began in New York City after I was selected for a scholarship with the world-renowned dance company Alvin Ailey. I taught for many years at Crunch Fitness and the NY Health Club where I discovered that my love for dance and passion for fitness could be combined to create dynamic, one-of-a-kind workouts.

    Eventually, my dance work moved me to Los Angeles where I was approached to develop, manage and teach for an elite fitness studio in West Hollywood. While teaching and training in LA, I developed several of my signature classes such as Choreo Weights and The Workout, which quickly became top ranked classes in the city. Our innovative classes and unique teaching style attracted a devoted clientele including celebrities such as Lara Flynn Boyle, Jennifer Grey, Dyan Cannon, and Sheryl Lee to name a few.

    In 1996, I decided to move to Milwaukee where I opened the city’s very first fitness studio in Fox Point, WI called In Motion Fitness. The studio was the first to offer Spinning, Mat Pilates, Barre, Cardio Kickboxing and other cutting edge fitness classes.

    After eight years of double digit growth and success I made one of my hardest decisions to date… I closed my studio to focus on having a family. Over the next 13 years, I would continue to build one of the most successful group fitness followings in the Midwest, and inspired, mentored, and shared my passion with thousands of devoted clients who strived for a healthier lifestyle.

    Now, with a new chapter of my career unfolding – and with a great core team – we have conceived and developed a visionary concept for today’s fitness industry. My vision of multiple studios within one single large studio is coming to life and is in phase one of my overall concept. By combining my extensive industry knowledge with an innovative way to deliver classes and some of the most talented instructors available, AddeoFit provides our clients with a 360-degree approach to becoming happy, healthy humans.

    Was fitness always your calling and passion?  And, who do you credit as inspiration?

    No… dance was my calling since I was 5 years old. I danced my whole life-Chicago, LA, New York, Beaver Dam/Madison WI. My passion for fitness came when I was in college where I studied Kinesiology, Dance and Choreography at Indiana University. I have always loved moment… and watching people move is my passion!!  When I was dancing at the Alvin Ailey Dance Company in NY I kind of fell into the fitness industry in 1991. My love for movement, choreography and my Kinesiology education kind of all merged and it has continued to drive what I do in fitness today.

    I have many people who have inspired me on my life’s journey… First and foremost is my Aunt Joyce who passed away in LA when I was 14 from cancer. She was the first beautiful soul to inspire me!  When I was with my Aunt I learned at a very early age what a simply gesture of touch, and just being compassionate to someone can affect them very positively.

    In the fitness work I do… the people who inspired me most would be every client that I have had the privilege to work with over my 27 years. It is those souls that inspire me each and every day to continue doing what I do. Each day to me is an opportunity is make a difference in someone’s life… even in a small way.

    Tell us about AddeoFit.

    AddeoFit is this first studio of its kind in the United States featuring six fully functional fitness studios in one large space. We offer Cycling, Yoga, Barre, Zone Cardio/Strength Work, Athletic Performance, and a large studio for Kickboxing, Dance, you name it, and personal training. After seeing the trend of one exercise studios popping up everywhere my husband and I developed the concept over several years. Our mission was to provide people with an inviting space to do everything they were doing in individual establishments and put it under one roof for an all-inclusive price. Our philosophy is to make you comfortable in your fitness journey regardless of where you’re starting from and become a happy, healthy, human at the pace that feels right to you.

    What’s the biggest mistake most people make when they work out?

    To me there isn’t just one. There are several things people do, but wasting time and energy would be my top pick.  Most people think you have to work out for an hour and kill yourself to get results. The answer is no. It is all about quality of movement and your body mechanics. Then it’s about the right intensity (effort and load) for you. If you move well, and have the right amount of effort over a specific amount of time YOU will see the results of your hard and efficient work out!  Many people will go through the motions of a work out without really being effective in what they are doing.

    Best 3 exercises?

    To me the best exercises are the ones you do well! But… I’ll actually give you my top four for effectiveness. These cover most of your body and when you add some cardio to the mix you can actually see some good results.

    • Push-ups
    • Lunge
    • Pull-ups
    • Plank

    Favorite TV binge right now?

    Ha… anything on the Hallmark Channel and soccer!

    You’ve tried ZYN, right? Thoughts?

    Yes…Love ZYN!!  We sell it at AddeoFit. I have used turmeric for many years, and have found good results with it. With my background in nutrition, I know the benefits it provides and in ZYN I have found the true and pure essence of turmeric in a great tasting drink. This product is simply amazing in every sense of the word!

    Speaking of drinks, if you could have a ZYN or a beer with anyone, who would it be and why?

    My friend Shelly Bianchi. We are kindred spirits!  She is a dear friend that I haven’t seen in many years… She is a beautiful soul that I would love to sit and have drink with…laugh till I cry… it would feed my soul!!

    Finally, define success.

    In the work I do, success is being, real, authentic, and helping people be the best version of themselves they can be. My studio’s tagline is Happy. Healthy. Human., so if we can get people to be those three things simultaneously we’re succeeding at the highest level.

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