The Root of What Matters™: Joe Krauss

    The Root of What Matters™: Joe Krauss

    The Root of What Matters™: Joe Krauss 660 400 Drink ZYN

    The Root of What Matters

    With Joe Krauss, Host of “Feel Good Mornings with Joe”
    B93.3 in Milwaukee

    In this edition of the “Root of What Matters,” ZYN sits down with one of Milwaukee’s morning drive DJs, Joe Krauss of B93.3.  Joe’s the host of “Feel Good Mornings With Joe” and always on the go with his young family and community activities.  His active lifestyle and upbeat attitude make him someone you need to meet. So, read on and tune in, if you can, too.

    Give us, if you can, the 3-minute Joe Krauss story, please?

    I grew up in Milwaukee near the old County Stadium, and spent a lot of my time in Wauwatosa.  Music became a big passion of mine pretty early on, having discovered The Rave/Eagles Ballroom in high school.  (The 1994 Green Day show at The Rave still ranks at the top of the list). This love of music inspired my friends and I to start a band.  I was actually kind of shy at the time (and knew I couldn’t sing), so I picked up the drum sticks. We covered everything from Nirvana to Billy Joel.  Realizing this wasn’t going to pay the bills anytime soon, I started working as a lot attendant at a car dealership in West Allis. A few years of that, and I ended up running the place.  Don’t ask me how. At the time, I was also doing radio at night, having finally gotten a gig that paid enough where I could quit the car thing. I now live in Wauwatosa with my wife Kristin (who you’ll see on T.V. as a reporter), and our two boys Caleb (age 3), and Truman (age 2).

    Was radio always your calling and passion?  And, who do you credit as inspiration?

    I became hooked on radio having grown up right across the street from another radio station group in Milwaukee.  One summer afternoon, the old Country station that used to be there was having a “Cow Chip Throwing Contest”. (Yeah, dried cow poop)  My mom took me over there to participate, and I thought it was the greatest thing ever. The morning show at the time was broadcasting live from the front yard.  We always had local radio on in the house, so it was natural that I give it a shot. There have been so many talented people on the air over the years in Milwaukee radio, I am really just a fan.  If I had to pick one person who inspired me the most, it would be the legendary Bob Barry. He gave me my first tour of a radio station, and made everything look so easy. Oh, and he interviewed The Beatles, so that’s pretty amazing.

    What’s the best part of your job?

    Simple.  Talking to people.  There’s nothing better than talking to a fun person on the radio.  Especially when it’s about something going on in Milwaukee. It’s great when they say that B93.3 is part of their day.


    Equipment failure.  Usually, it’s my fault and I want to go hide in a closet.

    Favorite song?

    I’m a big Guns N’ Roses fan.  So anything by them always works.  Specifically, “Welcome to the Jungle”.  It makes me want to go to the gym and work out.  But then I don’t.

    You’ve tried ZYN, right?  Thoughts? And, be honest … of course, we’re always looking for feedback.

    ZYN is amazing.  I was so happy when I was introduced to it.  Having Type 1 diabetes, it’s really challenging to look at labels of drinks and find something with low carb/low sugar, AND that tastes great.  ZYN is a perfect match for me. It really is. The taste, healthiness about it, the name, the fact that it’s local and worry-free ingredients.

    Speaking of drinks, if you could have a ZYN or a beer with anyone, who would it be and why?

    Easy.  Bob Uecker.  All you’d have to do is sit there and listen to amazing, and most likely, hilarious stories.

    Finally, define success.

    Success is the execution of a great idea.  Ideas are everywhere and everyone has them, but if you have someone that’s willing to try, you just might succeed.


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