The Root of What Matters™: Artisan Dental

    The Root of What Matters™: Artisan Dental

    The Root of What Matters™: Artisan Dental 1024 447 Drink ZYN

    The Root of What Matters

    Artisan Dental, a Certified B Corporation
    10 N. Livingston St., Suite 301
    Madison, WI 53703
    608.658.5193 |


    Artisan Dental, in Madison, Wisconsin,is the one of only two Certified B Corporation dental practices in the country. As a fellow B-Corp, we reached out to Dr. Nicole Andersen, DDS and her husband, Scott Andersen, Co-founder & Director of Stakeholders Stewardship, to talk about their company, dental innovation and other topics. It’s all in this latest edition of “Root of Matters” on  Enjoy.

    Tell us about Artisan Dental.

    We are a small independent dental office in beautiful, downtown Madison, WI. We are the 1st dental office in Wisconsin, 2nd in the nation, to become a Certified B Corporation as a demonstration of our commitment to enacting our mission and to meeting the high standards of transparency, accountability, and performance. Since our inception in 2014, our mission and vision has been to create an integrated prosperity that includes all stakeholders connected to our business. These stakeholders include our patients, our team members, the suppliers who support us and the communities and the planet we all share. At Artisan Dental our commitment to providing exceptional quality preventive, cosmetic and restorative dental care is central to our entire team’s efforts.

    What’s the number one thing someone can do to foster better, healthier teeth?  Is it flossing?

    Brush for 2 minutes twice per day, Floss once per day, see your dentist twice per year (or more if recommended).

    What about whitening?  What’s the current thinking on whitening products and use?

    Whitening is safe for your teeth and is very popular. We offer an at-home system so that patients can whiten as needed or desired. The trays can last a very long time, making it a good investment over the long term.

    Water piks?  Yes or no?

    Water piks – YES! They are especially great for people with traditional braces, periodontal disease or misaligned teeth that have hard to reach areas with a toothbrush.

    What brand of toothpaste do you use, and why?

    Anything with the ADA Seal of Acceptance with fluoride. When you see the ADA Seal on a dental product, you can be assured that the ADA has evaluated that product for its safety and effectiveness.

    Why B-Corp status for you?  What does it represent and mean to your patients?

    BCorp status is third-party verification that we are following through with our mission to conduct business in a sustainable way. We are passionate about doing business in a way that is good for all of our stakeholders, so when a patient chooses to do business with us, they are supporting our efforts and become a partner in those efforts. Sometimes people feel that their individual efforts will never be enough to elicit change, but we feel that when we work together even the small changes we make can have a huge impact!

    Have you tried ZYN?  Which flavor is your favorite?  And, please know, that we kept the sugar low to prevent cavities.  :). 

    Yes – Mixed Berry is my favorite!

    Finally, define success.

    Success is when we all work together towards our chosen goals and all stakeholders prosper.

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